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Mastering The Art Of Collabs

You know the moment when the stars align and your favorite artists or performers join together and create something so beautiful that it seems like it's magic?

Artistic collaboration can indeed feel magical, especially, when it's executed with perfection. Mastering the art of collaboration requires the combination of creative talent with proper planning and direction. On rare occasions, celestial alignments bring energies together to create. More often, collaborations are strategically planned and executed with precision. When a collaboration forms organically there is a synergy created, which can not be synthetically engineered. We can tell when it is natural and authentic versus when it is fake and manufactured. There is feeling you have when synergy is present and it feels real, it feels magical.

Being able to extrapolate the synergy from an organic connection and strategically execute a creative collaboration is an art, which can be learned. When the art of collaboration is mastered, a creative director has all the tools to produce beautiful works of authenticity that feel magical in a world inundated with the inauthentic. Such was the case with the collaboration between Eternal Blackness Art and Culture Power 45.

Automatic Gain Control 5 @culturepower45 Instagram album cover art by Khaldun Oluwa

When artist, Khaldun Oluwa, asked ZANDERLAND Media to design a promotional campaign for the Eternal Blackness Art exhibit, "The Mystery of Eternity," I was in the middle of another project. So, I began to think of ways that we could incorporate them into one another, which is how "KOUNTER TV" came into fruition. More on that later. Upon seeing the cover art for Culture Power 45's new album Automatic Gain Control 5 (CP45022), designed by Khaldun Oluwa, the stars appeared to align before my eyes.

Culture Power 45, an exclusive label for vinyl

Culture Power 45, an exclusive label for vinyl, sourced "Celestial Bodies In Motion" in 2017 from Eternal Blackness Art to use as cover art on an upcoming album. With the cover art design complete and a powerful hip-hop, soul-laden compilation album set to release in August, the celestial alignment was perfect for a cross-promotional marketing plan. As the creative director, I recognized the opportunity to create magic between both brands and increase audience engagement with storytelling and branded content.

In "The Mystery of Eternity" promotional video the artistic works come to life and speak directly to their audience. The branded content shows the power of synergy between visual arts, music, and the moving image.

The song "PoSitiVe BlaCk NaTionLiST" - Lets do better my people (JELANI) provides a perfectly syncopated soundtrack for the social, cultural, and political realities of Khaldun Oluwa's artistic body of work. The pairing was organic. The execution is artistic. The collaboration is celestial. The body of works are magical.

Witness the magic for yourself. Afterwards, head over to Culture Power 45 and preorder your copy of Automatic Gain Control 5. Then, mark your calendars for "The Mystery of Eternity" exhibit, July 7th, 2018. Finally, share the news with all of your friends on social media. Discover how ZANDERLAND Media can help you establish your brand, engage with your audience, and utilize the power of synergy and authentic storytelling. Let's create some magic together.

Don't you love it when a plan comes together? It feels so good. Magical.

Peace and Love.

Your Chief Collaborator & Creative Director,


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