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More "Supreme Love" from #O2B

We are back with another dose of "Supreme Love" straight out of ZANDERLAND courtesy of Khaldun Oluwa. "Ode to Blackness" is a collaborative multimedia project featuring positive affirmations and celebration of black love, excellence, art, culture, and community. Unlike conventional documentary, "Ode to Blackness" invites the community to share their thoughts on black culture via the inclusion of photography, video, music, poetry, and essays. We all create the culture and we all have a voice. #O2B encourages participation and invites our audience to submit their own "ode" to the culture and the people who create it.

Send your submissions to You may also tag @ode2blackness on instagram to share your photos, short clips, and memes. Also, subscribe to the ZANDERLAND youtube channel and follow us on social media.

#odetoblackness #afrofuturism #zanderland #zanderlandproductions #collaborativestorytelling #documentary #wakanda #blackculture #indiefilmmaking

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