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Giving Thanks & The Power of Reciprocity

Gifting season is upon us. Do you have anyone in your life who is virtually impossible to shop for? Do you find yourself searching for the perfect gift that goes beyond the material? In the process of creating "The Monopolized Project" I learned some valuable lessons. As an artist, you will likely face several up hill battles. Many of these battles may be with self. Am I good enough? Will anyone support me? Does my work have value? Will people embrace it? Will people buy it?

The reality is that we will never know the answers to these questions until we embark on the journey. The value of your work can never truly be accessed by someone else. When you are creating from the source, you are working from a spiritual and celestial space. We may never be able to fully appreciate the impact that our work generates but when you honor the process of creation the primary compensation will not be monetary value. The gift of your energy and your artistry is actually priceless.

However, I don't embrace the concept of "starving artist." Artist should always be compensated for their work. There is a serious disconnect when creators give of themselves through their artistry (whatever the work may be) and consumers feel they are entitled to freely consume without reciprocating. Sadly, we live in a world where more value is placed on being able to consume indiscriminately than there is in giving or reciprocity. As artist, we get tired. We need replenishing. We need inspiration. We need encouragement. We need love. Ultimately, we need the support of community.

So what do we do when we are struggling to find a community that is supportive? We must create one! To all of my independent musicians, visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers, poets, etc, I am a fan of what you are doing and I will continue to be as supporting and encouraging as I can. The world needs you to continue producing, giving, inspiring, teaching, and loving. Much of what many of us do is a thankless job. Yet, the power of positive affirmation resonates profoundly. I thank you for your service. I'm grateful for your gifts. I appreciate what you do and your willingness to share it with all of us.

ZANDERLAND on the set of The Monopolized Project

As a token of my appreciation to all of the creatives, to all of the universe, and to everyone in need of inspiration and affirmation I have a gift for you. MONOPOLIZED, a feature-length essay film, is the

most personal and vulnerable creative project I have endured. Throughout the creation of the film, the installation and multimedia project, I had to overcome doubts, anxiety, stress, frustration and many other obstacles. I grew emotionally and spiritually. I harnessed all of my creative energy bring all of the elements of "The Monopolized Project" into fruition. The installation and feature film debut to a warm reception and now, I would like to share it with the rest of the world. Throughout the remainder of 2017, you will be able to experience MONOPOLIZED for absolutely free as it will be available for streaming here on the ZANDERLAND Productions site, The Monopolized Project site, as well as on Vimeo! Watch it. Share it. Give the gift of reciprocity by sharing the film with all of your family and friends. Lets continue to elevate the arts and each other. I've learned that if we spread love it will always return to you. So, I give to you all that I have...myself. May these words and this body of work empower you all to continue creating, enduring, and striving in everything that you do.

Peace and Love.


Master Painter Khaldun Oluwa

Experience MONOPOLIZED: The Score

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