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ZANDERLAND Creates Design Studio

ZANDERLAND Design Studio

The ZANDERLAND Design Studio will officially open this week at Abrams Creative Space in Atlanta, GA. The design studio was born from part necessity and part love of art and design. As visual artists, the need for creating space through the use of foreground, middle ground, and background is vital. The design studio specializes in creating custom hand painted canvas backdrops for photography and production needs. Painter, Khaldun Oluwa, helms the design process as art director for the studio.

Zana Sanders, director and producer of "The Monopolized Project," created the design studio to serve the artistic community. "The creation of the set design for "The Monopolized Project" revealed a need for the creation of an immersive environment. The monopolized universe was designed to create an atmosphere that conveyed emotion to serve as the constructed dimensions of the film and installation. From our endeavors in producing the scenic landscape, we identified a market that accommodated the passion for art and design within the film and photography industry," said Sanders.

Interested in collaborating with the ZANDERLAND Design Studio on your next production? Contact us for more details. Let's create something beautiful together.

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