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Journey Into The Monopolized Universe

An unfiltered glimpse into the making of ZANDERLAND Productions "The Monopolized Project." Filmed on location during the design of the "monopolized universe," the footage was cut raw to provide an intimate perspective of the making of "The Monopolized Project" art installation. The installation will serve as an immersive environment for the debut of "Monopolized," the film at the nucleus of the interactive design. The set is currently under construction at Abrams Creative Space in Atlanta, GA and will debut on September 23, 2017.

ZANDERLAND Productions is also excited to announce the opening of the ZANDERLAND Design Studio in Abrams Creative Space. ZANDERLAND Design Studio can create a custom set design for your next film, theatre, and commercial production or photography shoot. More on that later.

Right now, go ahead and enjoy a dose of color therapy on us!

Peace and Love,


#TheMonopolizedProject #zanderlandproductions #ZanderlandDesignStudio #setdesign #documentary

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