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ZANDERLAND Pushes Boundaries With Latest "4:20" Series

The latest release from the creative universe of ZANDERLAND is an engaging and interactive web series and podcast officially entitled "The 4:20 Series." The series debuted its "4:20" Friday new media concept on July 7, 2017. The initial release features both digital artist and experimental filmmaker, ZANDERLAND, and master oil painter, Khaldun Oluwa. "4:20 invites everyone to join the cypher as we create culture," according to co-host, Khaldun Oluwa.

The series producer, Zana Sanders, describes the experimental media project as an endeavor that incorporates the elements of an imagined web series storyworld and podcasting where the audience actually gets to participate. The "4:20 Episodes" web series and "420 DECYPHER" podcast work in tandem to produce a participatory audience engaged in cultivating new ideas and championing innovation. ZANDERLAND envisions the cypher as a space to explore blackness in the diaspora and cultivate a community to discuss the state of Black culture, artistic expression, and the revolutionary artists that are redefining the Black aesthetic. Listeners are invited to join "the cypher, join the conversation" through social media where the audience is encouraged to participate in the discussion with by sharing their thoughts, comments, and questions directly to the @420decypher social media channels. Join the conversation @420decypher/Instagram, @420decypher/Facebook, and @420decypher/Twitter.

The release of "4:20" was met with controversy regarding the title's moniker, which evokes connotations of "High Times, Mary Jane, and Cheech and Chong." Both ZANDERLAND and Oluwa contend that the title is a reference to culture but not cannabis culture. "4:20" intentionally pushes the boundary of meanings through the use of creative liberty, literary devices, and double entendre. Listen to the "SMOKE AND MIRRORS" podcast episode to learn more about what "4:20" means.

Have you joined the Cypher? Join the conversation on Black culture, art, and the diasporic experience. Hosted by indie film director, Zana Sanders of ZANDERLAND Productions and co-host, master oil painter, Khaldun Oluwa of Eternal Blackness Art.

Happy 4:20 Fridays!

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