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ZANDERLAND Designs Visual Brand Concept for Encryption Algorithm:

The Official Encryption Algorithm: commercial was exciting and personally fulfilling to direct. Directing a commercial requires an engagement with an idea or concept which challenges a director to visually capture and communicate thought, feeling, emotion in limited space and time. It is always a challenge conveying feeling but connecting products to emotions and ideologies requires a director to use everything in the toolbox with effectiveness and efficiency.

The design of the visual brand concept for Encryption Algorithm: was achieved through the careful layering of cinematography, sound, and editing. The formal elements intertwine to produce a visual engaging narrative that invites the audience to engage in participatory communication with the brand and its ambassadors. The shots were designed to bring the viewer into the world of an artist and their craft. The commercial premieres as a visual introduction to the brand featuring brand ambassadors Khaldun Oluwa and yours truly! I AM very proud of this one and I hope that you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed directing it. If you missed it or just love watching it like I do, you can check it out here.

If you are an artist, business, or brand looking to engage and communicate on a deeper more emotional level with your audience, I can assist you with that. Creative collaboration is the mission and discovering what we can do together is the journey. I'm ready if you are!

Peace and Love ZANDERLAND

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