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ACT Now! Experience Eternity

Did you miss the Eternal Blackness Art Experience? The "Eternal Illumination" exhibition was phenomenal. Khaldun Oluwa and ZANDERLAND joined forces in collaboration with fellow Atlanta resident and artist, Alan "Baba Nochi" Grimes, chef Brandon Early, author P.K. Wright for an evening of cultural enrichment during the "Eternal Illumination" exhibit, April 2017.

During the show, Khaldun Oluwa debuted several new additions to his ever-expanding catalogue of oil paintings including, the highly-anticipated, "Cultural Preservation" series. ZANDERLAND delivered "The BLACK $pectable," a provocative visualization of experimental film exhibition, as a digital art installation to the exclusive audience.

If you missed it, you can now catch a glimpse of the "Eternal Illumination" experience. Experience Eternity.

Enjoy and subscribe to ZANDERLAND channel!

Peace and Love,


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