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"Illumination Experimental" is Transformative Performance Art

ZANDERLAND's latest release takes viewers on a journey into your deep being. This visual and aural exhibition embodies expressive cinematography and lighting, interpretive juxtaposition, directorial vision, and intrinsic aural stimulation. For best participation, viewers are encouraged to enhance the experience by watching in the dark via headphones. You can feel yourself being drawn into the diegesis of the film.

The ZANDERLAND and Eternal Blackness Art collaboration continues to challenge the notion of conventional artistic expression with the latest addition of sensory engaging performance art entitled "Illumination Experimental," which is inspired by the Khaldun Oluwa curated Eternal Blackness Art exhibition, "Eternal Illumination" debuting April, 15th in Atlanta, GA. The exhibition will also feature an digital art installation by ZANDERLAND! If the experimental video serves any indication, the "Eternal Illumination" exhibition will be a immersing and transformative experience. You will not want to miss this experience!

Like, share, and leave your comments on YouTube! Enjoy.

Thank you for your participation,


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