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Re-envisioning HIStory: An Experiment in Visual Storytelling

What is history? I know this seems like an odd question but if we only treat "history" as the fixed remnants of our past then we may limit the true benefits history affords us. What defines history is a matter of perception. What we refer to as history could be described not just in terms of past events but also as the events of future's past.

We conceive of the concept of history in static terms having already transpired, definite, unchangeable, and only interpreted through the lens of spectator. What if, we conceived the future, present, and one on a fluid continuum of time. History as living opposed to artifact. The reality is we are living and creating tomorrow's history, today. The present, future, and past are interconnected. We all have the capacity to shape each aspect of our temporal existence.

The concepts of time, space, and fluidity form the creative inspiration for a collaborative project featuring the personal videos of artist, Khaldun Oluwa. In an unprecedented moment, the artist decided to grant access to a collection of private video recordings to offer a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the preparation and production of his art exhibitions. While watching the footage, I was transported into a visual exploration of Khaldun Oluwa's history. The experience was very surreal much like watching someone's personal home movies from a distant point in their lives only to see the parallels of the present. I was granted a glimpse of the past, present, and the future while witnessing Khaldun's progression as an artist. In that moment, I realized we could create a visual retrospective that had never been experienced before. As the concept materialized in my mind, a new experimental short emerged. Part visual narrative, part requiem, part documentary collectively combined with creative vision, HIStory: Present Futures Past digitally transports the audience into the "Eternal Blackness Experience."

HIStory: Present Futures Past is an experimentation in temporal abridgment that follows the journey of one artist telling "HIS Story" through the lens of the time continuum. Experience the journey that transcends time allowing you to see the future through the past. The experience allows you to live HIStory in the present.

Living history allows us to be active participants in our own lives not merely spectators. As active participants, we have agency and we are charged with shaping the collective consciousness, redefining our perspectives, shaping our future...our present...and our past. It is what we do with each day that shapes our future and defines our legacy. I invite you to experience the journey and be inspired to re-envision your own lives through the concept of living history.

I encourage everyone to entertain any radical ideas and experimentation in your daily lives. As a result, you can manifest your thoughts and make today the dreams of your tomorrow!

Peace and Love,


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