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Art: A Universal RX for Everything Ailing

Let's face the world can be a crazy place. "Mean World Syndrome" is a theory regarding the affects of media on our consciousness. According to the theory, extended media consumption can produce the perception of a world more dangerous than it actually is. Sadly, the state of the world is ailing and this is not merely a perception.

Recently, I decided to take a break from the media. After watching countless videos of black men taking their last breaths, attacks on Muslim Americans, and digesting pundits discussing "whitelash," "the populist movement," and the various theories that impacted the 2016 Presidential election, I felt truly depressed with the state of affairs around our nation and the world. Cuba, Syria, Chicago, Flint....the list seems endless because humans are suffering globally.

If only there was a pill to fix everything that is wrong with the world. While there may not be a pill for "Mean World Syndrome" there is something that we can all do to treat our depression, anxiety, frustration, anger.... Art is a universal RX for everything. Art is how communities heal. Art is transformative. Art speaks a universal language that connects us beyond our differences. Art is how we create a more perfect union. Art is how we bring light to a world in desperate need. Art is love. Art is power. Simply put art is healing in the form of creativity.

In the latest edition of Art: un-muted, I explored art's healing properties with mixed media artist, James Wright of KreativFusion. James was first introduced to the therapeutic properties of art from his beloved grandmother after receiving a head injury as a child. James' story is not unique. Countless people experience the healing through artistic endeavor, including myself. I encourage everyone to find an artistic outlet. I'm a believer in the idea that everyone is artist in their own way. However, if you have not found your creative talent it is ok. Luckily, there is a great big world full of artist empowering, inspiring, and uplifting humanity. Seek them out and support their work. Whether it be film, music, painting, drawing, poetry, literature, dancing, or any countless other artistic iterations, all forms of art are filled with healing properties. Find one that speaks to you and take a dose as needed for whatever ails you. To find out more on how James uses art please watch the new Art: un-muted release.

Peace and love.

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