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When Life Imitates Art...

I find myself sitting in a daze as I listen to Talib Kweli with my head bouncing as if I'm riding the beat. Today is much like any other day. The nation is rattled with the news of the loss of more black lives, sparking more protest, more violence, more destruction, more pain, more frustration, more heartache, more despair.... Like most people, I wonder when will it end. We have pushed society to its brink. We have ravaged the earth. We are pushing the boundaries of all of humanity. Media is a powerful tool. Nothing is as powerful in communicating thoughts, ideologies, fears and all other encompassing modes of emotion. Art is the ability to translate the power of creation into various medium. With mediated imagery, I seek to share with the world the power of human emotion to evoke change, promote awareness, and inspire. Through exploiting the power of media, I seek to artistically communicate with you. Though we many not speak the same language, art is universal.

May we find understanding. May we find healing.

Peace and love,


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